Covid time

Because of the whole Covid situation, it’s not really a good time for partying. No clubbing, no parties at home, nothing as exciting… But Lucky and I actually did find a way to have a blast today. We are having a little party of two, just for ourselves. Everything is prepared, the drinks are here, the bubbly, the munchies… But I guess the best munchie for my boy is my delicious twat. Today I plan to drive Lucky insane, with all my charms, and I know he can’t resist me. It’s just how I make him feel, he always says that to me – to him, I am perfect, and everything about me is delicious and just how it should be. 

You know some of those fuck flicks where women have multiple orgasms? Today’s party is all about that – accomplishing this exactly. I feel like cumming hard, and not just once. I know Lucky will also be in the right mood because he is always eager to have passionate sex with me. Also, what man could resist a woman with such a healthy libido? I want to cum hard many times, and I want him to cum as many times as well. This party is going to be unforgettable. 

Everything about Lucky excites me, arouses me… His masculine scent, the way he dresses so perfectly with impeccable outfits, his hair, his eyes, his lips, but probably the thing that excites me and inflames me the most is his throbbing member. Lucky is a well-hung stud who knows how to use his tool to drive any woman insane. I am so happy to be that woman, and I plan to make him moan and want… No, beg for more. Lucky is the only man who can make me feel so passionate about someone, the only one I want. 

I am open to sharing him because sometimes I feel so lustful that I just want to kiss more men and even women. But today, this guy is just mine. I have him for myself, this is the plan. Perhaps there would be more people if this whole situation was different, but let me tell you a secret – even if we did have sex with more people, Lucky is the only one who would be able to actually get me so hot. I don’t say other men are not as handsome, but Lucky is just my person. My sex buddy. My partner. My man.

Lucky is here. I already feel inflamed, and like a true slut. I know he likes it about me. I can be a lady, but in bed, I am always a whore. A naughty whore. All I want is to control his cumming because I want it to be special. We start with some gentle kisses that soon turn to be very passionate. All this lustful foreplay makes me soaking wet down there, and Lucky is throbbing with desire. Is there something sexier than that? I know he is 100% focused on me and making me cum. 

He licks my pussy like it’s delicious ice-cream. I always wondered how my twat tastes like. It must be very succulent because he looks so pleased, and he wants more. We drink and fuck, and spill alcohol over our bodies so that we can lick those parts with a lot of pleasure. What passion, I see that Lucky can’t help himself – he wants to cum, but I don’t let him. I also feel like I am so near, but I am not ready for this to finish. I tease and tease, like those nasty strippers who are so mean with their private parts until you give them a lot of moolah. 

This passionate and amorous dance is something we all need in our lives. I felt my first lustful sensations when I was really young, and I always knew I was going to be a terrific lover. According to how red and sweaty my boy is, I know I am doing a magnificent job. I tease and tease until I am ready to let Lucky cum. Wow, how energizing this all is! It’s like I can feel his energy for a moment, these lovely and tingly sensations are something I like about fucking a lot. 

Lucky is happy now, and a little bit relieved. But just because he reached his climax, it doesn’t mean our party stops here. In fact, he wants to make me feel good now because he is grateful and still very horny. My Lucky is like a stallion, he is strong and lusty, energetic and so giving as a lover. I am ready for my orgasm, and hopefully, there will be more of them. All this pussy licking is making me make such silly faces, and I am kind of aroused when I hear my own moans. 

Me moaning is what gives Lucky energy and strength to go on. I cum from all this pussy drilling and feeling his hot and sweaty body against mine, but I know this is not the end. If this is going to be the best party ever, I want and deserve my multiple orgasms. I am very determined to get what I want, and I don’t even care about being bitchy from making Lucky work so hard on me. What would you do? If you knew a man wanted to give you all this, would you take advantage of it?

And I cum, and I cum again… We tried a little bit of everything – pussy sucking, with Lucky being so rapacious, a little bit of fingering and fisting, a little bit of pussy pounding, and even some lustful ass destroying… We are finally done, and I feel all this amazing energy, I just want to tell Lucky how awesome he is. He never disappoints. I never disappoint, and he tells me I am a perfect woman. If you find a lover like Lucky, know that you are a very lucky woman.