It had not been the best day for her, and Eve was exhausted. She did not want to be, she wanted to be rested and energetic because her lover was coming home tonight after being gone for 4 days, which turned out to be 4 days too long for her. She needed him. Needed him to ravage her. The feelings he gave her were intoxicating and addicting, playing her body like a fine-tuned instrument. Being without his touch for that long was much more difficult than she had thought it would be. She thought maybe she could make it home, get ready and have time for a nap before he arrived home from the airport. She wanted to be ready.

    As her mind started to wander, her phone rang and brought her back to the here and now. It was him. 

“Hey babe!”, she said as she answered the phone, her voice was silky and trembling at the thought of their night together. “I’ve been thinking about you all day, lover.”

“Thinking about me or what I’m going to do to you when I get home?”, came his reply. His voice was deep and carried the promise of a memorable evening.

“Both”, she said.

“I have bad news. I’m going to be late. My connecting flight has mechanical problems. They have us a new flight but I’m going to be about 2 hours late. I’m sorry Eve, there isn’t anything I can do about it. I WILL make it up to you though.” 

That last was said in an even huskier voice and she felt a tingle go down her spine at the thought. “It’s ok,” she said, a little breathless, “this will give me a chance to rest a little. I think I’ll need my strength tonight.”

“You bet your ass you will”, he said. “I have to go get checked in, I’ll see you tonight.”

    She arrived home a little later and was thankful that she would have more time to nap before he got home. She had eaten a late lunch and so passed on dinner, instead pouring herself a glass of wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, her favorite. She decided to take a bath to relax which would help her sleep better before he got home. She ran the bath and added her Jasmine and Vanilla oils, it was his favorite. As she settled down into the bubbles and warm water, she sipped her wine. 

    Eve didn’t stay too long in the water, stepping out, toweling off and putting on her short white robe. She drained the rest of her wine and headed into the bedroom. Laying on the bed, she was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

    She woke with a start, as she felt a weight on the bed. It was dark, really dark and one of her arms was raised up above her head.

“Babe?”, the question came out a little shaky.

“Yes”, came his steady reply. His voice was right next to her.

“Why can’t I see…”, she started to say but a “Shhh”, in that deep voice and his lips covering hers prevented her from finishing what she was going to say. All thought was driven out of her head and she was barely aware of her other arm being raised and secured there so she could not move either arm.

    He broke off the kiss and she could feel the heat from his body as he leaned over and whispered into her ear, “I’m going to fuck you so good tonight.”

    Eve hissed slightly as another tingle went down her spine. He stood, and she heard him undressing, wishing suddenly that she could see through the blindfold she could now feel over her eyes. She loved watching him undress. He was older than her true, but in very good shape, and she loved seeing him naked, seeing the body that would strain to give her as much pleasure as she could handle. And then give her more still. So wrapped up in thinking about that, she jumped as she felt a very light touch run down her arm, onto her side, then continuing over her hip and down the length of her leg. It stopped as suddenly as it had started, and she jumped again as it was repeated on the other side. 

    She felt his weight on the bed again and heard his voice again at her ear, “You smell intoxicating”. Then he took her earlobe in his mouth and all rational thought left her. His lips and tongue were all over her neck, nibbling. Kissing. Biting. Sucking. She wanted to grab his head and pull his lips to hers, but her arms were secure and would not budge. 

    He must have read her mind because his lips brushed hers as he made his way lower to her collarbone, then onto her chest. Eve’s anticipation grew as she felt his mount nearing her right nipple, but he went around it, continuing to her stomach. He continued this over her entire body. Everywhere except her most private areas. These he seemingly paid no mind to. She had already felt her dampness spreading and was aching for release. 

    He had stopped, Eve realized. So caught up in the feeling he was giving her that she was not sure he was still on the bed. Just as she was about to say something, she felt his mouth close around her left nipple. She gasped as the warm wet feeling caused her nipple to swell, to harden in his mouth, and as his teeth started to gently bite, she felt her other nipple being pinched and twisted between his finger and thumb. It was harder than the gentle sensation he was using with his mouth. Painful and pleasurable at the same time. She arched her back and moaned. He switched then, his gentle mouth going to the right and the sweet pain starting on the left. She could feel herself getting wetter, he knew her nipples were sensitive, and he was getting the desired effect.

    Eve felt his hand travel down her stomach, slowly, ever so slowly, leaving a tingle on her skin that increased the lower it went. She jumped again as she felt his fingers on her pussy, parting the lips and smearing her juices all over. God she was wet. He stroked her clit once. Twice. Three times and she felt an orgasm building. Then he stopped. Mouth and hands disappeared from her body. 

“No”, she whimpered. Anything else she might have said was cut off as he kissed her again. As he kissed her, his hands began caressing her body again.  Her stomach, her legs, her neck. She whimpered even as she kissed him back fiercely, wanting more. Needing more.

    He broke off his kiss abruptly and her nipples were back in his mouth and between hid fingers. She moaned as again his fingers slid lower and stroked her clit, one finger penetrating her ever so slightly then back to her clit. And again, she moaned as he stopped as her orgasm was building, closer this time. 

“Please”, she moaned. “I need to come.”

She hissed through her teeth as he said, “Oh you will. When I let you”.

    Exquisite pain blossomed in her as he pinched and held both her nipples, more firmly than before. Pain faded and as it did, he squeezed harder. She moaned, and he increased his pressure yet again, as if he sensed exactly what her body needed. She could barely think but one thought kept going through her mind, “It hurts sooooo good”.

    His mouth replaced one of his hands and as she wondered what he would do next she felt his fingers on her clit again, running circles around it, then stopping to plunge two fingers into her. Curling his fingers, he rubbed her G-spot once and she thought she would come this time, but at the last instant he withdrew and stopped. 

    “Noooooooo”, she moaned, craving the release he was denying her.

Soft kisses on her neck brought her back and then the light touch down her sides was back. Her back arched again and her entire body hummed, like a string stretched too tight. Then that too stopped as she lay there panting. Just as she wondered what was next, she felt his weight near the end of the bed and her legs were being lifted and bent back so the top of her thighs almost touched her stomach, opening her. Exposing her. Eve could feel her juices running down her ass crack coating her whole bottom and then thought was again driven from her mind as two fingers entered her and were withdrawn. She felt him move and then his fingers were at her mouth rubbing her juices over her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked his fingers, tasting herself. She moaned.

    He pulled his fingers back when they were clean, and she felt them re-enter her once then another two fingers and then none. Then her nipples were being pinched again and she could tell his fingers were lubricated with her juice. “That’s so hot”, she thought distantly.

    Pinch and release, then swirl. Pinch and release, ever harder as she felt herself getting closer to coming again. She felt his weight against her legs, and she gasped as she felt his tongue against her clit. Flick, flick, flick. Then he sucked it into his mouth. “Is he going to stop this time?” The thought was barely out of her head when she exploded, her long held off orgasm crashing over her, the pressure on her nipples and clit intensified and pushed her orgasm even higher. Eve’s moan was long and deep, and she could feel her juices gushing out of her.

    How long it lasted, she could not say, but she felt herself settling back down thought to herself, “Wow!!”. No sooner had the thought appeared then she felt his tongue enter her, stabbing then swirling, then stabbing in and out. Her nipples were on fire and she loved it. Eve could not believe it, she felt another orgasm building! She felt him switch back to her clit and then his fingers were gone from her left nipple and back inside her, rubbing her G-spot. Nipple, clit and G-spot was too much, and she came again. This time though he did not stop, he kept up the stimulation throughout her orgasm and she thrashed with the pleasure, it overwhelmed her, but she could not move. She wanted him to stop, she wanted him to continue forever.

    Eventually he did stop or at least eased up, his fingers came out of her, and went back to her nipple. His weight increased as he bent her legs back even more. Eve smiled to herself as she pictured how she must look, helpless and open, sexy and wonton. 

    His tongue was back on her pussy lips, gently licking and swirling. She felt his tongue go lower and start to swirl around her ass, as the pressure on her nipples increased, the pain building even more pleasure. His tongue swirled and then entered her. He had to use more pressure, but he worked it into her ass and then darted in and out, fucking her ass with his tongue. Abruptly his tongue was back on her clit and one of her nipples was free as his finger took over where his tongue had been, circling then entering her ass as he twirled and sucked on her clit. Eve could not believe the feeling of another orgasm building and almost passed out as it rolled over her. She could not believe she still had any wetness left to come out of her, but she felt it, flowing down her still.

    Again abruptly, he stopped, removing his tongue and fingers from her, leaving her to heave and gasp for breath. But just as she started to put her legs down, they were forced back by his weight on top of her and she felt something new. She felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down her slit, pausing to rub her clit over. Then to the entrance of her pussy, then back to rubbing. Finally, on the third trip to her hole, he pushed gently and entered her. She was still so wet that there was no resistance, but she gasped anyway. Slowly he entered her, making sure she was ready. She felt his stomach against hers and knew he was in as far as he could go, felt him inside of her, touching places she never knew she had. He withdrew and then slowly entered her again. Pressing this time, when he was all the way in, seeking to enter her completely. He withdrew again until just the smallest part of his cock was still against her lips and then slammed into her. Eve gasped and hey eyes went wide behind the blindfold. Again, and again he slammed into her rocking her, pinning her. Fucking her like he promised he would. She moaned and moaned, she was helpless to do anything else, powerless to do anything other than let him ravage her body. 

    He bent down and took first one, then her other, nipple into his mouth. Using tongue and teeth he coated them with his saliva and she could feel them grow even larger. The orgasm that exploded into her, she had not felt building, it caught her by surprise and just as it hit her in waves, she felt his cock start to swell and with a last thrust into her he came. She thought his cock must have grown to twice it’s girth as his come spewed into her with a force she had not felt before. Eve’s eyes rolled back and she passed out.

    She woke to find the room dimly lit and she on her side. It took her a moment to realize her arms were free and she had evidently been cleaned up. He was leaning on the side of the bed smiling at her. 

“Welcome back love”, he said in that deep voice. 

“Hi”, she said simply, but the smile on her face said so much more. “How long was I out?”

“Only 10 minutes or so. It was enough time to get you cleaned up”, his smile was tender and as he pushed back a strand of hair he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

    He got up and moving to the other side of the bed, he slipped under the covers behind her, molding his body next to hers, his arm and leg wrapped over her protectively and held her close. She thought that there was no other place that would feel this wonderful and safe. As Eve drifted off to sleep, she felt him getting hard, his cock nestling between her ass cheeks.

    “I know just how I’ll wake him up”, was the last thought she had as sleep overcame her.