Bet with Cherry

I made a bet with my woman Cherry that I was going to give her the best orgasm ever. So, today I’m feeling like shopping, but I don’t have groceries or clothing on my list… I have sex toys, and boy am I going to get the best ones I can find! If I win, she promises everything I want in bed, including the dirtiest and kinkiest stuff. Ass to mouth, BDSM, whipping, spanking… Anything I want. If she wins… Well, that’s not gonna happen, because I plan to pleasure her and satisfy her like no man before (or woman). She’s going to scream my name and forget her own after she squirts and culminates how I imagine it.

When Cherry and I watch porn flicks together, I get so many ideas, and even though some of these acts and orgasms seem a bit contrived, I still think that trying out a little bit of everything and experimenting in bed a lot can give us both unforgettable orgasms. My mission is to help my Cherry reach an O so big, she will want to have sex with me 24/7. I am very confident, and I know I can do it, but perhaps not all alone… I just need the right toys.

There are times when we simply forget that masturbation and sex are fun games two or more adults can play to feel good, relieve some stress, forget about daily worries and frets… But to me and Cherry, sex is even more than that. Sex is life, it is something sacred. It’s not just something we do when we feel bored. We don’t just take off our clothes, hump each other and finish with it. We are not animals. Sure, sometimes we are real animals and savages in bed, but that is because we are passionate, we have a lot of hots for each other, and when we are together and naked, a lot of magic happens. But this time I want to bring it all to the next level. I want a night so magical that we will remember it in another life. That’s why I really want to experiment with sex toys, and I do have certain things in mind. Finger vibrators sound tempting, rabbit vibrators… Any type of vibrator, really. Or should I go for a thrusting dildo? These little fuck tools are innovative and very enjoyable, and I can take Cherry from behind as she is fucking her little twat with this dildo. 

I come to the nearest sex shop, and what I see makes me feel so good and powerful… and throbbing down there. All these lingerie pieces, sexy uniforms for lustful girls like my babe… In my mind’s eye, I see Cherry as an alluring, slutty nurse. She would pull it off like no one, I know it! But I think seeing all these different sorts of dildos and vibrators would get her in the right mood, just like the skimpy panties and garters do the work for me. With so many options, it feels so good to be alive in this era! We have come so far, and today there are so many great things for both sexes. I wonder which toy will make my woman scream the most, together with my pulsating member. Every toy here has its purpose, each one is amazing for something specific. I wonder how our ancestors felt when they made their first sex toys of stone. I know the first sex toys ever were created 28000 years ago… I read it somewhere. How would they feel to see all these little devices today? They never had items like rabbit vibrators, and they never had awesome pieces like garters and insanely tempting stockings.  

If I have to break the bank, no problem. A good sex life sometimes costs money, and what better way to spend money than on sex toys and sexy lingerie? I buy vibrating panties, and the biggest dildo I see. It’s time for the best night ever, and I feel prepared.

Cherry looks out of this world in her lingerie, and she is thrilled to see how her new vibrating panties work. The minute our clothes hit the floor, we can’t get enough of each other. I kiss her everywhere, and her pussy goes soaking wet… I like it dripping like that, it’s what makes me even more throbbing down there. We are playful and crazy horny, and she wants me to please her with my tongue. I do it without hesitating. After all, it’s one of the best parts of our lovemaking session. Cherry always returns the favor, and she is no a shy girl, trust me. That woman keeps surprising me, and every time we bang, she does something even sexier. She is very pleased with her little toy, and I tease her with the dildo a little bit before I turn her around, grab her bubble butt, and take her from behind, like an animal. 

She moans and screams ‘Lucky’ from pure satisfaction, and I am destroying her ass with my meaty little pal as she plays with her hot new dildo. Could things get even better? Apparently, they can. She wants to try all positions possible, and the first one on the menu is a hot reverse cowgirl. Oh my, what a bottom! I have never seen an ass so round and perfect. I must have done something amazing in my past life to experience something so mind-blowing in this one. 

We fuck and fuck, all sweaty and hungry for each other, and Cherry squirts like those porn divas do in their flicks. I think I am doing a great job, she wants more and she is begging me to give her more of me. It feels so good a girl you like screams your name, and I give her everything she wants. The climax is near, I can feel it. Her last and sexiest scream is a signal for me, too. She cums hard and I can finally explode all over her body. Do you know what that means? I win the bet, which means another round is waiting for me soon…