Dick hunting

This whole week was nuts. So many obligations and things to finish, I have been feeling stressed out for days. But it is Saturday, and a little trip to the mall is just what I need to make my day. I already have so much stuff, but I am a lady, and a lady always must have new duds and everything. But do you know what I could treat myself to? Some sexy new lingerie! Yeah, I’m a very sexually active gal and every stud in the city knows Cherry! And I am proud to have so many fuck buddies. But I have always been an insatiable nympho. If I find a new one today at the mall, that stallion is welcome to join my lover collection! Also, I could use some new panties and bras.


The mall is like a spa to me. Even better than a spa! Some people will meditate, but I always choose splashing out on what makes me happy in my favorite boutiques. And do you know why your girl Cherry likes the mall even more? There are always hotties here! Sometimes they shop for themselves, sometimes for their girls and wives… It’s a perfect place for some dick hunting, do you agree? And I am feeling cum-thirsty today! 

This grand day out is being very enjoyable so far. I had a cup of coffee and I am full of energy now! I will need that if I plan to shop, and… Maybe I will need energy for something else too. Whenever I go out, I meet someone sexy and horny. I guess that is just my vibe. You attract what you are! I read it somewhere that women that like sex and have it a lot always attract many men. Dudes can sense these things, you know? And I see how men are looking at me today. Maybe this is because I am wearing a leather miniskirt and a revealing top. They keep staring at my boobs, but I am not shy about it. My imposingly big bust has always been my most delightful asset. I get compliments for my buttocks too, but my boobs make mouths water wherever I go. I am no stranger to taking advantage of that. Now, the next stop for me is my favorite lingerie store. 

When I come to the place I wanted, I don’t just see some cute panties and stockings in a display window, which I must have. I also spot a few gentlemen inside the store! It doesn’t take long until they start looking at me. I smile and gaze at them lasciviously. I am only 10 minutes here, and I notice that one dude in particular can’t keep his eyes off of me. I choose some pieces looking at him, to tease him. A sensual matching red silky bra and panties set, or will I look better in a navy-blue set? I give myself time to choose what I like the most… But I will probably buy everything I like! My potential fuck mate is still looking at me up and down. I don’t even pretend not to notice. I just leer at him, then I head to a dressing room, with a licentious smile.


I am trying on all this soft silky lingerie in a dressing room and I am feeling like a goddess. My body is fit because I take care of it and it looks great in everything. It is hard not to admire myself in the mirror, when I am half-naked and in the mood to make trouble. I decide to try on red lingerie first. Suddenly, someone removes the curtain and it is the dude that kept looking at me! 

-Mind if I join you here? 

He asks me seductively, and I can’t really say no because he is sizzling hot. Dark hair, blue eyes, full lips – and he is wearing a sweater that fits him perfectly, and he is so masculine. 

-Not really, but we have to be quiet. So, what brings you to a woman’s lingerie store?

I ask and he replies with his sexy raspy voice: ‘’I am buying lingerie to my lover. She likes it when I choose it for her.’’

‘’Won’t she mind you are here with me?’’ I ask, but I am not even sure I care about the answer because he is so sexy and tempting. But what he replies makes me feel better.

‘’Not really, we are in an open relationship. She can fuck whoever she wants, and I have the same freedom. We both have a lot of lovers, we are very sexually open.’’

All I can say is ‘’Oh, so we are like minds’’. The way he is looking at me, like he wants to devour me completely, makes me tingly. I ask him what I should try on next. 

‘’You are gorgeous in that red bra. But if you really need my opinion, I think you will look better without it.’’

He is so straight-forward. I can never resist a man that confident, who knows what he wants. He wants me, and he wants me naked. I take off my bra and panties sensually, noticing a slight bulge down in his pants. It is getting bigger, and I am now starting to feel aroused like crazy. I don’t even notice when it happens, but the next moment he is inside me. His excited pal is sliding in and out of my private part, and I am feeling burning sensations in my whole body. He is driving into all my forbidden depths, and we are like savages, but we have to be very quiet so that no one hears us. Luckily, there are many dressing rooms here, so we are not making anyone wait in line. We can take time to indulge each other. He knows exactly how to touch me and soon I am in the throes of a very wicked, but not that unexpected orgasm. Before he cums, I offer to give him a blowjob. He can cum in my mouth. He starts fucking my face and a minute later, he blasts his creamy load on it. When we are done and he starts putting his pants on, he says: ‘’We should repeat this again soon.’’ I just gave him 50$, with smile on my face and leaving dressing room, quickly answered “don’t think so..”. His expression was priceless.