Birthday Present

Eve could hardly contain her excitement. It was her birthday and the first since they had met. She knew he would have something spectacular planned for her, something that would probably leave her unable to walk steadily tomorrow. He was sweet that way. As usual, thinking about him made her smile, and she could not wait to see what he had planned.

She arrived home and put her things down on the table next to the front door. On it was an envelope. Written on it was simply her name. She opened and read the brief letter.
“There is a box on the bed, in it you will find what you are to wear tonight, which is also birthday present #1. A car will pick you up at 7. Please use your jasmine perfume, my love. I’ll see you at the restaurant. P.S. I’m very hungry…”

Her smile grew bigger near the end and she could hardly wait! She went back to the bedroom, ignoring the box for now, she wanted to shower first so she could put it on as soon as she saw it. It was hard for her to keep her hands off herself as she showered, she was already horny thinking about what tonight would bring, but she managed to finish. She dried herself and put on a little makeup, he always said she didn’t need any to melt any man’s heart, but she liked to put a little on anyway.
Hurrying to the bed, she opened the box, and gave a little gasp. In it was a scarlet dress, a black strapless bra and a matching black G-string. Picking up the panty, she ran her fingers over the silky lace and realized it was crotchless. She blushed a little as she slid them on, her body tingling as the smooth material ran over her bare legs. The bra was next, and she realized he had picked out a good one, as it accentuated her cleavage nicely and barely covered her nipples. As she pulled the dress out of the box, she saw that he had even thought of shoes, black suede ankle strap heels. Eve put them on and then the dress.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror and was impressed. The deep red dress had thin straps and a deep plunging neckline, exposing just the right amount. It was slit to mid-thigh and she knew when she sat down, her legs would be on display. There was a wide black belt that hooked in the back. The heels he had picked out made her legs look even better. Her long white manicured nails were perfect to set everything off.
The doorbell rang at exactly 7pm. She opened the door and saw the chauffeur standing there in his driver’s tux. He led her down the walkway to the limo, opened the door for her and shut it after she had settled in.

On the seat next to her were a dozen roses, half red, half white, with a card that said, “Birthday present #2, love”.

The ride to the restaurant was not long, and the limo had barely come to a complete stop, when the door opened, and he was standing there, holding his hand towards her. She took his hand and he helped her out, then he wrapped her in a tight embrace and whispered in her ear,

“Happy Birthday love.”
“Thank you”, she said, a little breathless.

Even if he had nothing else planned, it was more than any other man had ever done for her. He released her, took her hand and led her into the restaurant. Evidently, he had already been here and knew where the table was. It was a tall table with long legged chairs. The table was of glass and there was no tablecloth. Eve knew he had picked this table so that her legs would be visible to anyone who was near. The idea of that thrilled her.
He held her chair for her and after she was seated, he sat as well. He looked at her across the table and took her hand in his and said,

“I have a special evening planned for you love, I very much hope you enjoy it.”
“I’m sure I will, lover”, was her reply.

The waitress came to the table, she was a little taller than Eve, with long blond hair and blue eyes that Eve saw drop and stare at her legs before looking up at her and saying,
“I understand that someone is celebrating a special birthday tonight.”
“Yes”, Eve responded, glancing at her lover, “it is my first birthday since we’ve been together.”

The blonde smiled at her and said,
“If there is anything, I can do to make it more special, just let me know”.
Eve thought she had placed an emphasis on the word, anything, but she wasn’t sure. She took their drink order and left to get them.
“What do you think of her?”, he asked.
“She’s pretty, and I think she was checking out my legs”, was her reply.
He laughed a little. “Love, everyone is checking out your legs.”
Eve looked around and saw that he was right. She blushed, but only a little.
“Her name is Dara, and she is birthday present #3”, he said casually. She blushed again, bigger this time.
“You want that, don’t you?”. It wasn’t really a question, but she nodded her head.

Dara brought their drinks and as she was setting Eve’s down, winked at her and licked her lips. Dara flirted shamelessly with Eve throughout the meal and he could see it was having the desired effect on his lover. Her nipples were visible through the bra and the thin material of the dress and he knew she would be wet. When Dara came to clear the dishes from the table, Eve’s napkin fell into her lap, and Dara reached to get it. At that moment a loud clatter of falling dishes came from across the restaurant and everyone turned to look. Eve gasped as she felt a hand between her legs and what felt like two fingers push into her pussy. She spun back around just as Dara pulled her fingers out of her and raised them to her lips. Sucking one of her fingers clean, she brought the other finger to Eve’s mouth. She parted her lips and sucked on Dara’s finger until it was dry.

“Desert will be served…later”, Dara said as she finished clearing the table.
She then turned and left. Eve looked across the table and said,
“You need to take me home right now and fuck me”. She had not seen Dara stop and stand behind her instead of returning to the kitchen. She leaned over to whipper in Eve’s ear, “Correction, WE need to take you home and fuck you.”
Eve’s cheeks went scarlet with desire.
“I’ll meet you in the limo in 5 minutes”, Dara said.

He stood and held Eve’s chair as she stood, and they walked out of the restaurant and into the limo. Dara was there in less than 5 minutes, the chauffeur opened the door to let her in, and she sat next to Eve and proceeded to kiss her. Thoroughly. Eve seemed a little shocked at first, but it faded quickly and was soon shoving her tongue into Dara’s mouth and both women were whimpering. His hand went to her lap, and pulling the dress aside, he stroked Eve’s pussy lips causing her to moan louder. He pushed a finger into her and then withdrew it. He brought it to his mouth and with a loud sucking noise, licked it clean. Again, he repeated this but this time it was two fingers and when he withdrew, the ladies broke their kiss and each took one of his fingers and, while staring into each other’s eyes cleaned his fingers. Then they were kissing more, and he was stroking her again. Dara decided to help and while one stroked her clit, the other was penetrating her with 2 fingers. They switched, and he knew Eve was close to coming as her breaths were becoming shorter, quick breaths. He stopped and moved Dara’s hand out of the way as well. Eve groaned through her kiss but did not stop. All too soon though, the limo stopped, and he thought for a minute he would have to physically pull them apart.
He got out, went around the car and opened the door to let Eve and Dara out. They walked up the sidewalk and into the house. He took Eve’s hand as Dara took the other and led her to the bedroom. He showed Dara to the master bathroom and pulled out two towels for her. He came back to find Eve sitting on the bed. He reached under the bed and pulled out a box.
“Birthday present #4”, he said, handing it to her. “Dara is going to shower and change, why don’t you open that while we’re waiting.” She did and saw white lingerie. Taking it out of the box she saw that it was a cupless bustier, with a matching G-string, this one also crotchless, stockings, and fingerless lace gloves. He helped her undress, barely able to keep his hands away from her body. She donned the lingerie and he could hardly believe how beautiful she looked, the white contrasting with her tan skin and jet-black hair. For about the hundredth time, he wondered how he was so lucky.
Dara emerged a few minutes later and Eve gasped slightly as she saw that Dara was wearing the identical lingerie, only in black.
Dara said nothing as she walked to the bed and, kneeling in front of Eve, began to kiss her, even more passionately than in the limo. He got off the bed and went to sit in the recliner, for now.
Dara had begun pinching Eve’s nipples as they kissed, soft then hard, back to soft then hard again. Eve’s moans seemed to spur her on, and the kissing grew more frantic, each woman trying to consume the other. Dara let go with one hand and traced it down Eve’s stomach to rest it between her legs. Eve had to know what was about to happen, yet she jumped a little as Dara began stroking her clit, rubbing small circles around it.  Eve’s breath was quickening, and Dara turned her hand palm up, and pushed two fingers into Eve’s pussy, then using her thumb to continue the assault on her clit.
With a gasping breath, Eve came, breaking the kiss as her head rolled back and a long moan escaped her. Dara lessened the pace of her fingers but did not stop. Eve’s orgasm rolled over her and her moan faded, but only because she was out of breath. Dara’s hand left her nipple to go the Eve’s shoulder, and she pushed Eve back onto the bed, so she was laying flat with her legs still over the side. She pulled her fingers out, which brought a little moan from Eve, and placing her hands on Eve’s knees, spread her legs. She leaned down and licked her pussy, cleaning it from all the juices of Eve’s orgasm. When she was done, one hand went back to pinching Eve’s nipples, the other hand returning to her pussy. Dara took turns pushing her fingers into Eve’s pussy and rubbing small circles around her ass.
Eve opened her eye and saw him sitting there, watching. Enjoying. She smiled at him and crooked her finger, for him to come to her. He stood and stripped as he walked to the bed, he was already hard and as he leaned down onto the bed, she reached out and grabbed his cock, pulling it to her mouth. She winked at him as her red lips parted and slipped over the head, then he let out a moan of his own as her lips went down his shaft until his whole length was in her mouth. She pulled back and repeated it twice more, the she laid her head back down and reaching her arm round him placed her hand on his ass and pulled him toward her. He understood what she wanted, and he began to fuck her mouth, slowly until her she pulled at him harder. She liked it rough sometimes. He began to thrust into her mouth harder and deeper, not enough to hurt her, but the pressure of her hand said it was good.
Dara was feasting on Eve’s pussy and with the lubrication leaking from her, she coated her fingers well and with two in her pussy she pushed one against her ass and slowly began to ass fuck her. Sensing that she was about to come again, he withdrew, just in time, as she went rigid and her arms splayed to the side. She moaned louder this time, and the orgasm lasted longer.
When she settled down, Dara removed her fingers and brought them up to Eve’s mouth. Dara looked over at him and he leaned down as the three of them all cleaned off Dara’s fingers. Eve’s eyes were alight, and she sat up suddenly, grabbed Dara’s hands and drew her up onto the bed, pushing her down and then crawling on top of her in a 69. Eve had pinned the other woman’s arms under her legs and started grinding her pussy up and down Dara’s face. She then leaned down and began to do to Dara what Dara had done to her. She showed no mercy and she sucked, pinched and licked clit, pussy and ass using tongue and fingers to make Dara come. When she did come, her moans were muffled by Eve’s pussy still grinding over her face.
When the moans stopped, Eve sat up, moved forward and turned around. She pulled Dara’s legs apart, almost obscenely wide and went back to pleasuring the blond woman, whose moans seemed to spur Eve on. She stopped briefly to look at him over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at him, and he smiled. She went back to Dara’s pussy and felt him kneel behind her. Then he was rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit, then running circles around her clit. It was her moans that were muffled now. His cock pushed at her pussy and then he was inside her, slowly at first, letting her feel every inch that went in, then steady, then hard. Each thrust of his helped her tongue penetrate deeper into Dara, who came again.
He reached around then and began to pinch Eve’s nipples, alternating between hard and soft, like he always did, and Eve came again, her young body shaking. He felt a rush of her juices and his cock began to swell. Sensing this, Eve sat up and took his cock into her mouth, sucking and bobbing. Once. Twice. Three times, and he erupted, his come shooting out and hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed and kept sucking, draining him and then cleaning him.
She let his cock fall out of her mouth and they both collapsed on the bed. He could still feel little aftershocks of her orgasm running through her body. She looked radiant.
He went to get warm towels and cleaned her as Dara made her way to the bathroom to do the same. By the time he was done, Eve was very drowsy, and he climbed in bed behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Dara came back into the bedroom and he motioned to her. She got into the bed as well in front of Eve. Just before sleep overcame her, Eve felt so warm and safe in his embrace and her smile was warm as he whispered to her, “Happy Birthday Love.”

The Next Day

Eve could not decide if it was the feeling on her neck, her nipples or her pussy that woke her, or how long she had been feeling it. And then she couldn’t decide if she was in heaven or dreaming. Her eyes fluttered open to the dim light of morning and felt his warmth against her back and saw Dara laying in front of her smiling in a decidedly mischievous way and playing with Eve’s nipples, exactly as she had done last night. He was softly nuzzling and biting the back and side of her neck, and her earlobes. And, at the same time, he was stroking her clit, circling it with his fingers gently pinching.
“What a way to wake up”, the raven-haired beauty thought. “Good morning, my love”, he whispered into her ear.
Dara leaned in to kiss her, gently at first, and then as Eve came more awake, the kissing became more urgent, the pressure on her nipples harder. She felt his fingers leave her clit and enter her, sliding in and out, then back to her clit, only to repeat the process. She could not believe that in such a short time after waking up that she could come, but she felt the familiar, blissful feeling start inside her building slowly until he inserted his thumb into her and bending it at just the right angle, rubbed her g-spot.

The orgasm that had been growing, burst forth and rolled over her. Sandwiched between he and Dara all she could do was lay there and shake and moan.
Before her orgasm was done, Dara broke off her kiss and moved her hands, and he did the same. Eve felt her self being rolled over into the same position, but facing him, with Dara behind her. Even with her orgasm still making her shake, she shuddered as she knew what they were going to do. She felt like putty in their hands as they did to her again what they just did, just switching places. His kiss was more tender, and his pinching her nipples harder, while Dara’s circling of her clit was faster. Otherwise it was just as pleasurable as the first time. It took a little longer for the waves of pleasure to take hold of her, but take hold of her they did, and she lay there shaking and moaning in orgasm.

“I have not even been out of bed yet and already I’ve come twice”, she thought to herself. Her eyes had drifted closed again, so she felt rather than saw him getting out of bed.
“Where are….”, she began, but he had anticipated her question and answered, “It’s ok love, I’m going to make us some breakfast. Dinner was a long time, and many orgasm’s ago. You two just relax, I’ll be back.”

He out a pair of boxers and headed out to the kitchen. Breakfast was to be poached eggs over toast with rosemary, thinly cut, crisp bacon, avocado wedges and strawberries. He added coffee and orange juice to the tray. As he had been cooking her heard moans coming from the bedroom and knew the women were not ‘relaxing’. As he picked up the tray Dara’s moans became louder and louder and he knew Eve was making her come. “That’s my girl”, he thought with pride.

The sight that greeted him when he stepped in the bedroom was a thing of beauty. Dara was laying down, with her arms spread out to each side, each with a black restraint over the wrist and tied to the heavy headboard. Eve was kneeling between her legs with her mouth glued to Dara’s clit and had two fingers fucking her ass. Eve’s other hand was busy with her fingers sliding in and out of her own pussy. Dara’s orgasm still was going strong, but Eve showed no signs of slowing down. Dara’s moans grew louder then trailed off as she had no breath to continue.
As he put the tray down, Eve slowed, then stopped what she was doing and let Dara’s orgasm subside, as the blonde lay there panting and shaking.

She turned to him and grabbing his cock through his boxers said,
“Do you want to fuck her? She’s ready.”
 He didn’t even hesitate when he said,
“No love,” and flexing his cock in her hand added, “that is for you and only you.” She beamed at him. “Aww, thank you love.” She started to pull down his boxers, but he pulled back just a little and said, “Lets eat first. We have plenty of time for that.”

They untied Dara and had to help her sit up. He gave the two women their plates and poured them coffee. Dara took one bite and said to Eve,
“Oh my goodness, that is delicious. He cooks, he’s thoughtful and he’s great in bed?? How lucky are you?”
Eve blushed a little and before she could answer, he said
“I assure you Dara, that I am the lucky one. Any man that will not take care of his partner, does not deserve to be called a man.”
“Do you have a brother?”, she asked.
He replied,
“I do, but in this area, he is not like me.”

They finished breakfast in silence, each woman savoring the food he had prepared. When they were finished, and the bed cleared, Eve looked at Dara and said,
“And now I’m going to take care of my man.” With a devilish grin, she pushed him back onto the bed and pulled his boxers down and off.  She leaned down, grabbing his semi erect cock in her hand, and staring straight into his eyes took it past her lips, and into her mouth. He wanted to lean his head back, but he didn’t want to break eye contact with her. She worked slowly, savoring the taste of him, sucking him deep, then swirling her tongue around the head, then licking the shaft. After a few minutes he felt something at the end of the bed and Eve’s head jerked up momentarily and he knew Dara was behind Eve licking her. At first Eve worked to pleasure him, but then switched to make him come. She took pride in her ability to do so. He threw his head back as he felt himself swell and he was then shooting his come into her mouth. She swallowed most of it but allowed some to leak out of her mouth and back down his shaft.
She rose up on her hands and knees and crawled on top of him, staring into his eyes and he felt a hand on his cock. It was not Eve’s hand, but it placed the still sensitive head of his cock firmly against her pussy and as she lowered herself onto him, she leaned down and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around her small frame and held her in a tight embrace as they kissed. She rocked her hips in a steady motion moving up until he was just barely inside her and then slamming back down making herself grunt each time. After a few strokes, he let go of her with one arm and reaching back, smacked her ass cheek. He did it again. And again.
Suddenly, she broke off the kiss and lifted her hips high enough that his cock sprang free of her pussy. She looked back at Dara and in a commanding voice said, “Clean his cock.” Dara obeyed, bobbing her head up and down a few times then placed the head back at Eve’s entrance and she impaled herself again. She continued for another minute or two, then raised her hips again, and again ordered Dara to clean his cock. She did. Before Eve could reposition herself, he took her shoulders and turned her, so she was still on top of him, but on her back now. Dare again took hold of his cock and lining it up with her pussy, he thrust into her hard. He rocked his hips hard and fast, knowing what she liked. And needed.
Slowing, he lifted her up slightly and when he sprang free Dara went to clean him again, but he stopped her with a hand motion instead pointing down. She understood. This time she placed his slippery cock against her ass. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against his chest and began to slowly push into her. Dara watched as his cock slowly disappeared into Eve’s ass. Looking up ate her face she saw Eve’s eyes rolled back and a huge grin on her face. When she looked back, he was all the way in. He withdrew, slowly again, then pushed back in a little quicker, and again until he had a steady pace going. He motioned to Dara again, pointing toward the nightstand drawer. Dara opened it to see a collection of dildos and vibrators. She picked up a medium sized one, knowing what he intended. Dara used two fingers to rub Eve’s pussy and got them slick with her juices. She rubbed her fingers all over the vibrator and laid a hand on his leg, motioning for him to stop.
She placed the head of the vibrator and the entrance to Eve’s pussy and as she gently pushed it in, he began playing with Eve’s nipples. She started moaning and began thrusting her hips trying to take it in faster and deeper. Sensing this Dara began thrusting the vibrator in and out and he timed his thrusts, so that first they were alternating thrusts. He would thrust in her ass as the vibrator withdrew from her pussy, then he withdrew as the vibrator was thrust in. The he changed rhythm so that they were both thrusting in and out at the same time. Eve was moaning and uttering loud unintelligible sounds, her body going from limp to rigid and back again. The Dara turns on the vibrator and waves of pleasure spread through Eves body and she spasmed in orgasm, her ass and pussy muscles clamping down so that he came at the same time, and with one last thrust, buried his cock deep in her ass spraying his come into her.
He stopped pinching her nipples, stopped moving at all. The only thing that moved was the vibrator, still sending shockwaves throughout her body, prolonging the orgasm, making her shiver and shake and moan until her body could take no more and blackness consumed her.
Eve woke to the feeling of being carried and saw that they were in the master bathroom. She knew by the smell that he had filled the tub with warm water and bubble bath. He set her in the tub and proceeded to wash her hair, then her body. She was still amazed at how gentle his hands could be, looked at him and saw that gentleness mirrored on his face and in his eyes. He finished cleaning her, then reaching into the water he massaged her legs, from midthigh down to the bottom of her calves.
When she looked at him puzzled, he said, “Don’t want your legs cramping when you sleep.”
He finished, drained the water then rinsed her with warm clean water. He picked her up and setting her in the chair in front of the vanity, he dried her with a thick towel. He picked her up again, carried her back into the bedroom and laid her gently in bed. He got into bed with her, held her in a warm tight embrace and said,
“Happy Birthday again love.” She couldn’t speak the words of gratitude that she wanted to, could only nod her head and then she was asleep.