Party fun

Cherry was in a mall today. She bought a sexy, short and tight black dress, very provocative. It is a perfect mixture of classy and slutty. Exactly what she wanted! Maybe some girls would think of it as a rip-off, but this dress… It is worth every penny! It makes her cleavage look even more perfect than it is in anything else. She also plans to wear her newly-bought black lingerie, made of elegant lace tonight. It makes her look even more feminine, and definitely flaming hot. You see, Cherry wants to look mind-blowingly hot today because she is going to a party. It is Saturday night, and what better way to spend a parching hot summer night like this than attending a party? And what do you do when you are at a party? You dick hunt! Lately Cherry has been feeling so sex-crazed… But then again, she has always been obsessed with sex, so that is not even news for her. Yet, summer particularly makes her feel like the biggest nymphomaniac on the planet! She is okay with that. After all, sex is probably the healthiest thing you can do. And dicks are all she can think about! 4 out of seven days a week, you can find her browsing through PornHub. It doesn’t have to be PornHub, she experiments with her porn and tries other sites, too. And those 3 days in a week? She probably finds herself a new fucker! So, she is either on porn sites or on some dude with a massive stiffy. She likes both activities, but Saturdays are always for the real thing. With her looks, she can have any guy she wants. Whenever she goes clubbing, it doesn’t take long before some stud notices her and approaches her. It is not rare that that encounter ends with a steamy restroom fuck. Sometimes they take her home, sometimes she takes them home. And she loves her life! Her sex-capades are so energizing that she is always on the prowl, looking for new prey. And the more she does it, the more men find her hot and tempting. So, she is very confident that this party is also going to bring her a dick she can play with. With those tits and that ass, Cherry knows no sane, sexual man that is into ladies can resist her.

It’s time to get this party started, Cherry thinks when she parks her car. She finds the house she needs fast. It is very easy because it is the only loud house on the street, with music blasting, almost shaking the walls. And she sees people in front of it, smoking and chatting, smiling, with drinks in their hands. Some of them already look drunk or tipsy. The second they notice her, everyone starts staring at her. Men and women, they can’t help it. But Cherry just smiles and approaches the front door. She knows her allure, and she knows she looks like a sex bomb in that skimpy dress. This girl is simply used to the attention, and it doesn’t make her shy at all. 

She doesn’t really know the person who is throwing the party, it is some dude her friend Sandra knows. But when Sandra invited her, she told her the chap liked nothing more than hot women, so everyone with tits was welcome, even strangers to him. Sandra also told Cherry that the dude was a real lothario. A party maniac that throws the best parties because he knows everyone in the city. And they see him with a new hot piece of ass every week! So, one of those men that never wants to settle down, just enjoy life fully. To him, enjoying life and living it like a boss means fucking new sexpots every day, splurging on parties and cars, booze, and nightlife. Cherry even sees him as a male version of herself because she totally gets it. After all, life is too short. Why not party hard, fuck harder, and splash out on things that make you feel good? If he is her type, maybe he will be her new victim? Her new sexual exploit? And she can be his? That is exactly what she needs! No strings attached, no boring bitches that call her after every 5 minutes, just someone who wants to fuck like a savage and make her scream. And when that party is over, they never see each other again. Cherry likes diversity, having sex with someone new all the time, and she needs no romance. Yes, if that guy is what Sandra says, he is perfect.

‘’Oh, Cherry, you are here!’’ Sandra spotted Cherry right away. She is with a group of people, and they are all drinking and laughing, having fun. ‘’Wow, you look fabulous! Drop-dead gorgeous, as always!’’ Sandra complimented Cherry, and all her chatting buddies started looking at Cherry, up and down. 

‘’Hey, S, why don’t you introduce me to your hot friend?’’, one of those handsome dudes asked Sandra, and Cherry liked the way he was looking at her.

‘’Sure, this is Cherry. Cherry, this is Jack, this is his house and party’’. 

Cherry and Jack both say nice to meet you, and she feels the chemistry instantly. There is something in the way he is looking at her… He has something in him, something special. That charisma of a man that likes to seduce women and just takes advantage of them. Just like Cherry knows she can have any guy, Jack knows he can have any chick. He has a sexy smirk and gorgeous hazel eyes that look at her so naughtily. She bets he is an animal in bed! He introduces her to the rest of the crowd and tells her to enjoy the party, take everything she wants. She knows right away she wants to take him. 

And she tells him that, but after a few drinks, a bit inebriated, after an hour of being at the party. Maybe every dude here wants her, but she has been flirting with Jack shamelessly. At one moment, they realize they have been talking only to each other for some time. Well, maybe not talking as much as looking at each other with so much lust. 

‘’Hm, you know how you told me to take what I want? What if I take you?’’ Cherry flirts like there is no tomorrow. Jack, being the Casanova he is, grabs her hand and takes her to his room. They waste no time chit-chatting, just start getting rid of their clothes. She was right, Jack really is an animal in bed! After kissing passionately for a few minutes, he bends her and starts taking her from behind. Looking at her perfect bubble posterior is making him even harder, and he is so rocklike that it hurts. Thank God that the music is very loud so no one can hear them moan and scream. This fuck is a fuck between two savages, people who like sex so much that they have no inhibitions. Cherry knows exactly how to make him crazy. She lets him take her in all positions, and there is nothing they don’t try during their steamy bang session. Jack keeps saying she is beautiful, she is perfect and her pussy is the tightest and most sopping one he has ever penetrated! But Cherry only likes sex when it is diverse, and she likes to try everything. She suggests him to have oral sex, and she can go down on him. It is one of her favorite acts? Sure, penetration can be so fun and enjoyable, but she likes making eye contact when she is sucking a dude off. She likes being that nasty, slutty, shameless bitch that makes men insane! Jack agrees to everything she wants and he can’t wait to see if the is a good dick eater. Cherry is soon on her knees, and Jack is standing next to his bed. This is better than lying down and being sucked because it gives him a better look at her whole body. Her tits and buttocks look even more luscious when she is on her knees, devouring his member. He starts fucking her face, without even realizing how rough he is being. It just feels so good and he starts screaming how sexy Cherry is. Unfortunately, only a minute later, he blasts his creamy load on Cherry’s face. Cherry is a bit disappointed that it is over so soon. After all, he is such a Casanova, he should last longer, no? Maybe he is not that big of a macho, just a wannabe? When they are done and she starts putting her panties on, he says: ‘’We should repeat this again soon.’’ Oh no, Cherry realizes this notorious womanizer is not her match. What, he wants to see her again, instead of just telling her he wants nothing else with her? After all, she wants nothing else with him. She grabs his boxers, wipes his cum off her face, then throws them on his now flaccid pal, saying: ‘’I don’t think so, Romeo’’.