Mall – Confused Daniel

Crowds of women and men are hurrying back and forth in the mall, where Cherry is today. She is window shopping and enjoying this alone time. Mall time is one of Cherry’s favorite me-time moments. Sometimes she comes here and just drinks coffee, shops and spends fortunes on things that make her happy. There are times when she meets cute guys and they often end up in her bed! It has happened recently; she met a dude while she was buying lingerie. They fucked in a dressing room and it was a sensational fuck! If it happens again, she will not say no to a new opportunity to get laid. Cherry buys some lingerie again today, but this time, she meets no one interesting. It is okay. She does not always have to dick hunt when she is shopping. Why not just enjoy her mall time, all by herself? She shops for hours and tries on a plethora of cute-looking duds and when she feels tired, she sits on one of those benches made for people who need to take a break from all the splurging. She is not even trying to look sexy or anything, but it does not take too long before this dude notices her. He is standing near the bench, smoking. Bored until he sees her, things turn much more exciting when he starts wondering who she is. He does not even realize he is staring. But when she looks directly at him, he decides it is the perfect time to meet this lovely lady. After all, she is definitely his type. She is fit, busty, has long hair and her clothes look nice. He must meet her! Cherry is not even surprised that she managed to attract another guy, it happens to her wherever she goes. He looks decent. Maybe younger than her? But sinewy, masculine, and easy on the eyes. He continues looking at Cherry, who shamelessly looks back at him. She does not feel embarrassed or shy, that is for nubile broads. With her experience with men, Cherry always gets what she wants, or she lets dudes that want her have her. Why not, when these things bring both parties so much fun? After maybe 10 minutes, the young stud approaches Cherry because he is intrigued by her confidence and everything. 

‘’Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you. Forgive me if I am too direct, but you are probably the most beautiful woman here.’’ The hot guy says Cherry, which is not really what she wants to hear.

‘’Probably?’’ says Cherry with a smirk.

‘’No, I mean, you are definitely the most beautiful, sorry. I’m Daniel.’’

‘’Cherry, nice to meet you.’’

‘’Cherry is a very sweet name. Are you sweet, Cherry?’’

‘’Hm, that depends on who I am with. What about you, Daniel?’’

‘’I can be very sweet and gentle when I like someone. Of course, when you get to know me. And I would really like to get to know you, Cherry. Would you be interested?’’

‘’I am not uninterested. What do you have in mind?’’

‘’We could grab a bite somewhere here, or have a cup of coffee. Do you plan to shop more or are you free at the moment? I am free right now. I’ve already bought what I came here for, so I am open to any suggestions’’ says Daniel, hoping to hear that Cherry will go with him.

‘’I have a better idea. Why don’t you come to my place tonight, and I will show you some lingerie I bought today?’’ Cherry flirts and openly suggests what she likes the most.

‘’Tonight? But you don’t know me! I mean, I would love to…’’

‘’Didn’t you say you are sweet when someone gets to know you? And that you wanted me to get to know you?’’

‘’Yes, you are right.’’

Cherry gives Daniel her phone number and address, and he promises to show up tonight. She did not plan to dick hunt today, but she never refuses a new fuck buddy. And since she is not looking for a relationship or anything serious, she does not even care if she seems too straightforward or slutty. She just wants to have fun! 

Daniel shows up and he brings flowers and wine. Cherry loves the wine but hates the flowers. Flowers are for mawkish romantics, and she sees that Daniel probably wants to date her. He will be so disappointed when she just takes advantage of him and tells him she is not interested in anything more.

‘’Oh, you did not have to bring me flowers. Seriously, we have just met.’’

‘’Oh, but I wanted to. I told you I was sweet and I like spoiling women. Especially the most beautiful ones.’’

Cherry laughs and tells him with confidence: ’’Thank you, honey. But do you know what is really sweet? My pussy.’’

Daniel did not expect that level of honesty and straightforwardness.

‘’Wow, you are a very interesting woman, Cherry. So open and honest, I appreciate your confidence. Now I want to get to know you even more!’’

‘’Then take off those pants and get to know me… deep and hard.’’

He is obedient and does what she asks him to. He already has a slight bulge in his boxers, and when she takes off her clothes and stays only in her sexy underwear, he goes rocklike. Her breasts look so stunning, soft, and succulent. And her butt? When she gets out of her jeans, he can’t stop looking at it! He feels a bit clumsy at first because she owns her body and she is so sure of herself. She kisses him and gets in a very playful mood. She pulls him toward her and goes down on him. This is always the prelude. Cherry pleasures her lovers with a nice, sensual dick-sucking session, to put them in the right mood. She also likes the dicks hard and throbbing. But she does not suck his manhood for too long… She makes him taste her instead. 

‘’Mmm, that really is a sweet pussy. So delicious!’’ says Daniel and continues sucking her lower lips with so much lust.

‘’I told ya! And wait to feel it with your dick!’’

He enters her two seconds after this statement. Her pussy is so warm, slippery, and velvety, it is like paradise, but a very erotic one! He likes the sounds of her moaning. From quiet to a crescendo, Cherry makes him crazy making all her sounds of pleasure. And he lets a few ones out himself. 

‘’Do you like it?’’ asks Daniel, like some insecure boy that still goes to high school. Cherry likes it enough to have fun, but she has been with better lovers. 

‘’Sure… Just do it harder!’’

Daniel becomes even more vigorous. He starts dicking her like he wants to reach her neck with his boner. He is so passionate and persistent that she starts screaming uncontrollably from all the good sensations. 

‘’Don’t stop! You are so good!’’ Cherry manages to tell him through all the moaning. He is not bad at all. But somehow, he feels like he is not experienced enough. The way he asks the questions, the way he is holding her… She suggests he pokes her butt. His reaction is the reaction of someone very young. He is so enthusiastic and he starts thanking her and telling her that she is the best! This ruins Cherry’s experience a bit because she likes masculine men, real men that are confident, sexy, machos that don’t need permission, to be sweet or to thank her for fucking her ass. Before he enters her tiny puckered crevice, she asks him: ‘’How old are you, Daniel?’’

‘’I’m 21. Is that okay?’’

Cherry is okay with that. It is not like she has never been with a younger dude before. And anyway, she just wants a fuck, not a boyfriend. Daniel fucks her in the ass and he starts screaming how he is ready to cum after only half a minute. To him, this is so enjoyable, he has never met anyone like Cherry. Most girls do not let him do that, and they are not this sexually open. Before he cums, Cherry wants him to pull it out and cum on her face. He does so. It is mind-blowingly hot to him, and Cherry loves it when someone creams her face. Daniel feels so good and energized now, and so does Cherry. They start putting on their clothes. Daniel starts talking: ‘’This was so good, I am so happy I met you today. Buying a birthday present for my brother was so boring, but when I saw you… I felt something so powerful, I knew I wanted to meet you. And you are everything but boring, Cherry! When will I see you again?’’

‘’Oh, my sweet little boy… That will never happen.’’

‘’What? But why? I thought we were having fun?’’

‘’We were… But I just like my fun to be more diverse. You know, I like to have fun with many different people.’’

‘’But… but… I bought you flowers! I thought you wanted me in your life…’’

‘’Oh, about that. Here, take this.’’ Cherry gives him 100 dollars. 

‘’What is that?’’ Asks Daniel, baffled and a bit mad.

‘’For the flowers. Or, buy yourself something nice. I don’t know.’’ 

‘’You are such a bitch, I think I’m gonna leave now. Take your money.’’

‘’At least take it for the cab.’’

Daniel leaves, mad and confused. He does not take the money.

‘Okay, then… I guess I will just have more for the next fuck buddy.’’ Cherry says still pleased from her orgasm. Yes, she definitely plans to have many more of these. But not with Daniel.